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[SF2] Chengdu F-7M Fishbed Series Pak

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SF2 Chengdu F-7M Fishbed Series Pak by Mod Mafia/TMF   

= For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged (Full-5 Reccomended/Preferred) =

*Note: There is a distinct possibility that this mod MAY work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs. However, some data ini and avionics statements will =NOT= be in effect in 1stGen SF/Wo* at any patch level (with the possible exception of WoI plus it's ExpansionPak -this has not been tested, as I ONLY mod for SF2). It is designed for use in SF2, at the most current patch level. Your milage will vary!*

One of the "newer models" that were never quite completed when Bpao passed away a few year back. I've been fortunate enough to be allowed to complete his work, as a member of the Mod Mafia.

This package represents the F-7M (aka: J-7IIM) in PLAAF and Export service.
Skins included in the pack are:

China1 (white-ish in color)
Iraq (may not be historically correct!)
Silver2 (tagged 'generic' nationality)

The PLAAF and Silver2 skins use stock VPAF Bort numbers (again, not historically correct -I'm hoping someone will pick up the decal ball, and create correct ones)
Several of these export models have a start default date that corresponds with the 'End User Start Dates', ie: Pakistan in 1990,etc, as defined in the userlist.ini.

All skins are in jpg format, Decal Randomization is TRUE.  Damage textures are the older tga versions.
All markings are decals,(excepting National Markings, which on some skins are painted on), and reference stock 3W items. The PLAAF Bort numbers may be incorrect; skinner/decal makers are !ENCOURAGED!! to create more correct ones.
All sounds, seats, and some etcs, are included. Weapons, for the most part, reference those already "stock" in-game items. However, in the usual "CYA" effort, a Chinese A-A missile is included. These come from the GunnyPak. "Newish" coding in SF2 allows for 'nation specific loadouts'; this has been used for those nations using Western style weapons.

The Canopy opens with the Standard Animation Keystroke ™, Shift/0. The RWR.lst for the F-7M references many items from dtmdragon's Updated Threat Library; the url/download link I cannot find! They were included in the J-7 Pak recently uploaded

When 'in game', you'll see on the Aircraft Selection Dropdown Menu...
Chengdu F-7M (TMF)

However, due to national model changes, some of the texturesets ini will show the pertantiant type (ie: Pakistan, F-7MP)
This will differentiate all these aircraft from any others you may have, either stock, user-made, imported from China, or whathaveyou.

As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please -READ- them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too for futher explinations, clarifactions, illuminations and so forth.
A full listing of credits, as always, is below the Install Instructions.

Good Hunting!
kevin stein
-for The Mod Mafia-



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