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[SF2] Tu-22 Blinder Pack

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Tupolev Tu-22 (Blinder) Pack for Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic.

This pack contain many operational version of the Tu-22 supersonic bomber.

Reconnaisance and bomb strike
Tu-22R_61: Early operational model with VD-7M engines with less thrust.
Tu-22R_66: Refurbished R model with newer RD-7M2 engines.
Tu-22RD_64: The "D" suffix means long range and indicate the presence of the refuelling probe. Old VD-7M engines.
Tu-22RD_66: Refuelling probe and RD-7M2 engines.
Tu-22RD_76: Tail turret replaced with ECM defensive suite.
Tu-22RDK: Special reconnaisance variant with Kub-3 ELINT system.
Tu-22RDM: Advanced photo cameras, Tangazh ELINT system and Shompol side looking radar.
Tu-22A_IRAF: Old Tu-22R refurbished with RD-7M2 engines and reconnaisance equipment removed. Sold to Iraq.
Tu-22A_LARAF: Old Tu-22R refurbished with RD-7M2 engines and reconnaisance equipment removed. Sold to Lybia.

ECM escort
Tu-22PD_65: Specifical electronic countermeasures model meant to escort bombers formations. Still retain defensive turret.

Missile carriers
Tu-22KD_64: Carries the Kh-22 missile. Built by the beginning with RD-7M2 engines.
Tu-22KD_76: Defensive ECM added. Still retain defensive turret.
Tu-22KD_IRAF: KD model used by Iraq.
Tu-22KPD: Capable of carring the passive antiradiation version of the Kh-22. Improved ECM at the expense of tail turret.

Tu-22U: Early trainer version with VD-7M engines.
Tu-22U_IRAF: Trainer sold to Iraq with refuelling probe removed.
Tu-22UD: Trainer version of the RD model. Equipped with refuelling probe to practice the manouvre but not capable of taking fuel.

Bomb Bay:
All the bomb carring planes have 4 "bomb bays". The first one can carry 24x250Kg bombs, the second 18x500Kg bombs, the third 6x1500Kg bombs and the last one could carry a single massive FAB-9000 or nuclear bomb.

All the models could carry SPRD-63 JATOs. Even if in reality it was only used in certification trials, all the aircrafts had provision to mount them.
Here you can use them as you like. JATO guns are part of the aircraft and the bottles are set as drop tanks. To activate, press the key assigned to Thrust vectoring down. To operate any kind of gun on the ground you need to have Weapons set to Normal or Easy in Gameplay options.
Start takeoff run and when the aircraft reach 200Km/h, activate the JATO rockets. Burn time is 15 seconds. Discard then the empty bottles, possibly not over populated areas.

This pack need SF2NA to work properly. It can also work in SF2 or SF2E but without KD and KPD models.

Red Side Standard Weapons Pack by Snailman is also required for the approriate bombs.

Copy all the files in the respective directory of your game folder.
"User"\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic

This mod will not overwrite stock Tu-22, Tu-22KD, Tu-22PD and RD but hide them from game. To restore them, simply delete the INI inside.
Original Tu-22 aircraft: Third Wire
Tu-128 cockpit: ErikGen
Fake pilot: FastCargo
Texture and decals: Spillone104 and Paulopanz using Centurion1 template
3D details, JATO, effects, sounds and INIs: Spillone104
Beta testers: 76.IAP-Blackbird,Flogger23, Paulopanz, Eole, Dysko, Canadair and NGHENGO

Thanks again to who supported, partecipated and tested all of this.

Reference material:
Aerofax Tu-22 "Blinder" Tu-22M "Backfire" by Yefim Gordon and Vladimir Rigmant.
Tupolev Tu-22 Blinder by Sergey Burdin & Alan E. Dawes.

Legal stuff:

This mod is freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.


Happy landing.

Alex (Spillone104) 19/06/2017


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