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[SF2] MiG-15Bis HD cockpit V3.0

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MiG-15 Bis cockpit version 3.0
release: 17 07 2016

By Stary,
With included previous ini tweaks and revisions by Do335 and Coupi;

Do335 and Coupi for some very nice tweaks to my previous MiG-15 cockpits. TY guys!
Swambast for providing When Thunder Rolled reference MiG-17 model bits.
CombatAce and especially Erik&Dave for keeping this circus alive ;)

This is highly detailed, high poly (about 90K tris) cockpit model of MiG-15 Bis Soviet Gen 1 jet fighter.

Despite the seemingly high poly nature I have not noticed any sorts of slowdowns while testing this model (W7 8core i7 16GB 4GB VRAM 970GTX)

Based in part on gauges meshes and textures by Selena3D from TurboSquid and canopy framing references from When Thunder Rolled courtesy of Swambast.

To use:
This is stand alone cockpit meaning it can be used i nany plane you see fit but of course best would be to use it in MiG-15 (or very close MiG-17)

Thus full-merged SF2 with Expansion Pack 1 for MiG-15 is highly recommended. Won't work in SFP1.


It is recommended to completely erase existing older version of this cockpit in plane you intend to use with. To be extra sure remove whole cockpit subfolder from the plane in question aswell as older _cockpit.ini

extract to the plane of choice (i.e. MiG-15 or MiG-15Bis or MiG-17 etc) and modify or if not present add this cockpit defining line to the plane's master ini file:


so it looks like this:

AircraftFullName=MiG-15 "Fagot-A"
CockpitDataFile=Mig-15_cockpit.ini           //<------ here is the cockpit data file pointer

In case of doubt refer to the proper section of Knowledge Base.

I have provided lower resolution textures in separate folder in case you have experiencing performance issues with the default ones. Just copy and replace.

Legal Info:
This is freeware modification/game addon. That does not mean it is FREE. I invested my own money and ALOT of time into making this so you can NOT use this modification in part or as whole as a base for any sort of payware/commercial product/pack/whatever without my permission. If you want to modify and redistribute this mod further go ahead as long as
1) you credit me as the original author of this mod
2) you follow the "Fair Use" CombatAce's license

Also, YES you are encouraged to repaint/tweak/enhance this mod further or tweak it to specific national versions etc. //Psst! Pssst! Hey! listen -I'd love to have proper Chinese version of this cockpit, maybe YOU can help?//

I guess that is all,

have fun and be sure to check the Do335's work on Korean Air War bundled pack ;)

Mek Stark



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nice fagot pit
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精品 收藏了
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15bis的炮不改的话 你们够用么 37炮和23的弹道不一致啊 怎么瞄准呢?垂直B&Z?
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