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[SF2] Tu-95MS Bear-H Pak

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SF2 Tu-95MS Bear-H Pak by Veltro2K                         10/4/2015

= For SF2, Full 5 Merged RECCOMENDED! =

On the Aircraft Selection drop-down, you'll see

Tu-95MS Bear-H (v2k)

This will make it easier to select, and diferentiate it from any other Bear-Hs that might be wandering around in your backyard.

As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!!  Also, give the "Notes" section a read, in particular on Operational Usage.

Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein

To Install:

As always reccomended, unzip the "sf2_tu95_bear-a_pak" to a temp folder or your desktop or somewhere that's easy to find.

Copy/Paste the /Objects folder DIRECTLY into the SF2 game install of choice's /Objects folder.

Copy/Paste the suplied /sounds folder DIRECTLY over your existing /Sound folder

You'll asked to "Overwrite?" , just say yes. It'll change nothing.

That should cover it, go fly!

veltro2k for the aircraft
spillone104 for the turboprop engine sounds
Sundowner for the skin
TMF for the flaps and gear sounds
Dels (?) for the B-52 cockpit
?? for the revamped RedAir1 pilot

various and sundry

Other Notes and Nonsense:

Be advised of the "bomber bug", mostly experienced from the WW2 mods. Ordering your wingmates to attack 99.9% of the time results in a freeze/lockup of the game. The only way out is the 'three finger salute' to the Task Manager, and dumping the game. You have been advised, and warned. Whiners, gripers, and general idiots complaining will be ignored.


**destroyed model note: if you have SF2NA as part of your merged install, you can edit the pointer in the data ini to use the destroyed model for the Tu-95RT. As follows:

DestroyedModel=Tu-95A_v2k/Bear_Destroyed.LOD  <-- comment out THIS line
//DestroyedModel=Tu-95_Destroyed.LOD          <--remove // to activate


If you have any problems, questions, comments, I can be reached in the usual places; CombatAce, SimHQ, or the p0rn sites

Happy Hunting!
Kevin Stein

Legal BS:
This is freeware; it CAN be distrubuted as long as the original readme and all pieces of the package remain intact.
It cannot be used for any 'payware' purpose whatsoever
Bribes are accepted; ask for the day's going rates.




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