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[新闻] [转帖] DCS: F-14A/A+/B by Leatherneck Simulations coming to DCS World!

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转载者注:鉴于此转贴一经发布立即变成了无数人用毫无根据以及毫无意义的胡言乱语恶意喷ED的地方,即使事实上此机型插件甚至根本不是ED自己的项目而是在Leatherneck Simulation名下(无聊之至令人难以置信)。。。Web2.0时代的公共互联网环境中每一个用户都参与其中,对公共互联网的内容尤其是用户创造内容(UGC)的破坏性评论是对每一个共同使用这片互联网环境的用户(包括这些众人自己以及楼主本人)之共同利益的直接损害。。。于是现决定所有评论全部隐藏。。。

                                        SWINOUJSCIE, POLAND - March 3rd 2015 - F-14A/B (A+) Tomcat coming to DCS World

Leatherneck Simulations, in association with The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics are immensely proud to announce the development of the F-14 for DCS World!

The F-14 Tomcat is a fourth-generation, twin tail, supersonic naval interceptor aircraft, developed for the United States' Navy VFX programme.
After it's debut flight in 1970, and subsequent fleet introduction in 1974, the F-14 became the primary fleet defense and air superiority fighter for the U.S. Navy.
The legend of the F-14 only grew after the hollywood smash-hit "Top Gun" - in which it was heavily featured.

Key Features of DCS: F-14A & B include:
  • Highly Accurate 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) Cockpit
  • Highly Accurate avionics and weapons system modelling - including the vaunted AWG-9 Radar system and AIM-54 Phoenix missiles.
  • AIM-54 Phoenix Simulation with a CFD based AFM
  • 'JESTER AI' - A Proprietary AI System for fully voiced, dependable and smart RIO/WSO
  • Highly Accurate Flight Model - Based on Real Performance Data
  • Both -A and -B Model F-14's
  • Multiplayer Multicrew capability. Fly together as RIO and Pilot!
  • Animated Crew Members - Closely Integrated with JESTER AI
  • Highly Detailed External Model, Animations and Textures
  • Highly Accurate Aircraft System and Subsystem Modelling
  • One Free Theatre bundled with the Aircraft
  • Full, lengthy single-player campaign
  • Full Suite of Documentation, including game manual, quickstart guides, and more.
  • Fully voiced and interactive training missions, teaching you to fly and fight.
  • ...and much, much more!
At Leatherneck Simulations we strongly believe in raising the bar. We have never been comfortable with adhering to the status quo.
Currently we hope to complete development and enter BETA testing on the first version of the F-14 by the end of 2015. Subject to significant change.

For the Development Team, the F-14 will represent the culmination of years of experience and dedication.
Our passion is only rivaled by our ambition and we are pushing ourselves to be better than ever before.

So strap in and enjoy the ride, and get ready to experience the definitive F-14 experience.

Leatherneck Simulations

NOTE: Due to an unexpected technical error in our website & subsequent down-time due to overloading the server, this is a limited, interim announcement.               


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