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[SF2] 伊朗/伊拉克地图

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Iran-Iraq Terrain

- For SF2, Full-4 Merged (or any with access to the Desert cat) -

(Although Perfered Usage is as a Complete Stand-Alone Iran/Iraq War Mod)

This is a complete and total rebuild of the Iran/Iraq terrain from oh, so long ago. The entire map has been retiled, using Polak's Desert Storm set (also with some updates) with the addition of rivers, more farms, cities and an major expansion of the target areas. Simply put, those that have or seen the original probably won't recognize the place!!

Although designed with the 1980-88 War in mind, it can (with EXTENSIVE reworking) be made over for use for any time period, up to and including the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait/Desert Shield (more in the "Notes" below). While many of the neighboring countries DO have (minimal) targets added, they are set as NEUTRAL, and have 0 value targets, as they are beyond the scope of the main focus of the map -- the Iran/Iraq War. However, the major airports ARE there, also NEUTRAL.

MANY new tiles have been added, updating of some originals (to make them fit and look better), and LOTS of custom TODs for buildings and trees and such. Including ALL new river AND road tiles for all 3 types of terrain (desert, farm, mountain), with all the transitions. While not perfect, given game/terrain engine limitations, these changes make the region look more like it should. Unfortunately, however, some rivers and other terrain features are NOT replicated due to the height field display of the terrain, making it virtually impossible to do so. This is especially true for regions in Iran that are heavily mountainous; or have some other "oddities" due to airfield flattening. Roads may also NOT follow their actual paths.
Other changes are to Runway 2 and Runway 3, that have been retextured to fully paved (no more FOD from dirt!!)

It is also reccomened you have the Pasko's Ground Objects, and Kesselbrut's Vehicles Pak, the GAZ trucks, etc; in short any and all add-on SAMs, AAA, vehicles, ships, and whatnot from any and all other terrain mods. HOWEVER -- make sure said add-on objects are CORRECT for the theatre and timeframe. (SA-2, SA-3 and SA-6 for the big Iraqi SAMs -btw, 2 & 6s are stock items) While NOT all are included, some are. Wherever possible, I've tried to stick with stock, historic items. Several new, "nation specific" items ARE included. Aircraft are NOT.

As to be expected, there are some Easter Eggs. Most are scattered around the map; some are actual historic World Heritage sites.

While this can be used in a SF2 series (any), it is reccomended that it be used in a Stand-Alone Mods Folder dedicated to the Iran/Iraq War only. As it uses desert tile/terrain naming conventions, it points to the Desert.cat. As all tiles and most terrain objects are either stock or included, it should work with any of the stock Cats, =EXCEPTING= SF2:I's IsrealME. Use of that cat is =NOT= reccomended.

It is highly reccomended that you READ this entire document through before installing this mod. If you don't, you're SURE to run into problems. And then, well, you know the drill. You get clowned on. Hard. As usual, the expansive "Notes and Other BS" section for clarifications, elaborations, explainations and general ramblings.

Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein


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国籍可以直接选,主要是涂装没办法……昨天把CA上F-4的add on aircraft 和add on skin都翻遍了都没有找到伊朗空军涂装
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