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[SF2] Republic F-105D Thunderchief - West Germany 1.0.0

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Republic F-105D Thunderchief - West Germany 1.0.0

About This File                                                                                                                                                        Republic F-105D-5RE Thunderchief for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2
        This is a simple mod of the stock Third Wire F-105D to create a fictional West German Thunderchief in the 1962-1967 timeline. A USAF skin is also included for joint operations!
        When Kennedy and Khrushchev first met at the Vienna Summit in June 1961 there was hope of better relations between the USA and the Soviet Union but in the weeks that followed these hopes faded when the Soviet Union proposed a treaty between Moscow and East Berlin leading to Kennedy countering with a clear statement that any treaty interfering with U.S. access rights in West Berlin would be regarded as an act of war. Upon his return to the USA, Kennedy's advisors told him that Khrushchev was still planning to sign a treaty with East Berlin and advocated an immediate military build-up in Europe including the deployment of the new Republic F-105D's of the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing and the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing with both wings having a primary tactical nuclear strike role.
        The erection of the Berlin Wall in August 1961 caused Kennedy more anxiety and among a raft of actions he authorised the immediate transfer of 36 F-105D's to the German Air Force with most aircraft coming from the 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron based at Eglin Air Force Base. Entering service in October 1961 with Jagdbombergeschwader 31 at Nörvenich the F-105D's replaced the Republic F-84F Thunderstreak and were operated until late 1967 when the Wing began to receive the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter.
        1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the F-105D-5RE folder into your Aircraft folder.
        2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the F-105D-5RE folder into your Decals folder.
        That's it!
        The F-105D-5RE designation is used to prevent conflict with any other F-105D's you may have in your install.
        As always, thanks to Third Wire for a great little game/sim.
        And, finally, thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.
        Version 1 - 24/11/2022

    1961年8月柏林墙的修建让肯尼迪更加焦虑,在一系列行动中,他授权立即向德国空【敏感词】移36架F-105D,其中大部分飞机来自埃格林空军基地的第335战术战斗机中队。1961年10月,F-105D在Nörvenich与Jagdbombergeswader 31一起服役,取代了共和国F-84F Thunderstreak,并一直运行到1967年末。实际没有部署,要是真把这货部署到西德作为核打击力量,苏联会更加紧张和敏感。




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