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[SF2] [Fictional] F-105D 'Shalakh' (Osprey) for SF2 2

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[Fictional] F-105D 'Shalakh' (Osprey) for SF2 2转载自CA,感谢原作者

About This File                                                                                                                                                        F-105D for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2
        This is a simple mod of the stock Third Wire F-105D Thunderchief to give a fictional F-105D 'Shalakh' (Osprey) of the Israeli Air Force with markings for;
        107 Squadron - 'The Knights of the Orange Tail'
        119 Squadron - 'The Bat'
        253 Squadron - 'The Negev'
        This should work in any SF2 game featuring the stock Third Wire F-105D but has only been tested in a merged install of SF2/SF2V/SF2E/SF2I.

        During the early 1960's Defence Secretary Robert S. McNamara and his team of whiz-kids were on a mission to streamline the US defence budget with 'commonality' being their main area of focus. With the F-4 Phantom now being procured for the USAF as well as for the USN and USMC and with the TFX (F-111) project promising further cost savings it appeared that the two aircraft had the home tactical fighter market covered. So it was no surprise when in October 1963 Republic Aviation were formally ordered to cease further development of the F-105 Thunderchief and to stop production after the current batch of F-105D's and F-105F's.
        In early 1964 the Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) were looking for a replacement for the Vautour tactical bomber and openly expressed a preference for the UK's Blackburn Buccaneer. With the end of the Thunderchief production line looming, and with no follow-on project in the immediate pipeline, Republic Aviation proposed a modified version of the Thunderchief F-105D to the Heyl Ha'Avir at a very attractive price and this was eagerly accepted.
        With the last USAF F-105D's and F-105F's going through the door production continued with the main production batch of 100 F-105D-35RE aircraft (essentially similar to the F-105D-31-RE but with some Heyl Ha'Avir specified equipment) and powered by the Pratt & Whitney J75-P20W engine rated at 26,500lbs of thrust with reheat. Deliveries of the first F-105D-35-RE aircraft to Israel began in early 1967 and the type soon gained the local name of 'Shalakh' (Osprey). As a happy consequence, the USAF ordered more F-105D's and F-105F's as attrition replacements for Vietnam and this kept the Thunderchief production line open until December 1968.
        1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the F-105Didf folder into your Aircraft folder.
        2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the F-105Didf folder into your Decals folder.
        That's it!
        As always, thanks to Third Wire for a great little game/sim.

        And, finally, thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.
        Version 2 - January 23rd, 2024.



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