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[SF2] A-4 Skyhawk Vietnam War Mod V0.9.5

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About This File
SF Vietnam Scooters - v0.95

*** SF2, SF2V required. Tested in full 5-merged installation ***

This pack includes 111 Skins for Thirdwires A-4 Skyhawk-models during Vietnam war from 1964 to 1972. It combines the former v0.01 and v0.02 releases into 1 pack.

The data.inis for the planes itself are changed from the stockfiles (rearranged weaponsstations, added invisible skids for belly-landings, added new droptanks and missilerails, etc.).

Sometimes a skin is provided for 2 different Skyhawk-models. This is done to represent different changes througout an ongoing deployment:
- transition from one Skyhawk-variant to another (for example A-4E to A-4F)
- retrofit of ECM-equipment (Project Shoehorn) (A-4C to A-4C_65, A-4E to A-4E_65, A-4E_65 to A-4E_67)
- change in Camouflage (VA-155)

Skins included (Timeframe 1964 to 1972):

(compl.) means, that skins, for all deployments to Vietnam are finished for a squadron.

Navy Squadrons:
VA-12 Flying Ubangis (compl.)
VA-15 Valions (1 of 2)
VA-22 Fighting Redcocks (compl.)
VA-23 Black Knights (compl.)
VA-34 Blue Blasters (compl.)
VA-36 Roadrunners (compl.)
VA-46 Clansmen (compl.)
VA-55 Warhorses (4 of 7)
VA-56 Champions (compl.)
VA-72 Blue Hawks (compl.)
VA-76 Spirits (1 of 2)
VA-93 Blue Blazers (1 of 4)
VA-94 Mighty Shrikes (3 of 6)
VA-95 Green Lizards (compl.)
VA-106 Gladiators (compl.)
VA-112 Broncos (compl.)
VA-113 Stingers (1 of 3)
VA-144 Roadrunners (5 of 6)
VA-146 Blue Diamonds (1 of 3)
VA-152 Fighting Aces (compl.)
VA-153 Blue Tail Flies (compl.)
VA-155 Silver Foxes (compl.)
VA-163 Saints (compl.)
VA-164 Ghost Riders (compl.)
VA-172 Blue Bolts (compl.)
VA-192 Golden Dragons (compl.)
VA-195 Dambusters (4 of 5)
VA-212 Rampant Raiders (compl.)
VA-216 Black Diamonds (1 of 3)

Marines Squadrons:
VMA-121 Green Knights (compl.)
VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers (1 of 4)
VMA-214 Black Sheep (compl.)
VMA-223 Bulldogs (compl.)
VMA-225 Vagabonds (compl.)
VMA-311 Tomcats (1 of 6)
H&MS-15 Angels (compl.)

Unfortunately I failed at finishing this MOD! For different reasons, I decided to not invest any more time into this.
I hope you can still enjoy this pack. Have fun!

Unpacking and installation:


!!! I recommend using this pack for a standalone-Vietnam-War MOD-folder, as planes.inis are changed accordingly
!!! That means, that no exportusers are in userlist.ini

Backup your A-4B. A-4B_65, A-4C, A-4C_65, A-4E, A-4E_65, A-4E_67 and A-4F planefolders, as .inis will be overwritten

1. Create a temporary folder, copy all 3 zip-files into that folder and unpack them into this folder (overwrite is ok)

Info: If you do NOT want to include the changed data.inis to your installation, just go to all planes-folders in the temporary folder (Objects/Aircraft/A-4B, etc.) and delete all ini.files in each planes-folder.

2. open "Put_Contents_In_Your_MOD_Folder" from the temporary folder and copy the contents you want to your Vietnam-MOD-folder
3. if asked to overwrite, say 'yes'
4. Thats it!

- Thirdwire and TK the game and models
- FastCargo for the fakepilot
- Alejandro for Escapac-Seat
- OldDiego for pilotmodels
- ravenclaw_007 for AGM-12C+E Bullpup
- ???? for Walleye_I model
- ???? for sounds
- me - template, skins, decals, ini- and 3D-work of tanks, rails and addons, walleye-repaint

This MOD or parts of it may not be included in any PAYWARE-packs, PAYWARE-mods or "PAY"-related. It is free!
If you use the MOD or parts of it, you should give proper credits.


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