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[SF2] SF2 Korean War Era F-86 Sabre Pak

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SF2 Korean War Era F-86 Sabre Pak                        8/25/2012

= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =

*Note: There is a distinct probability that this mod will =NOT= work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs at any patch level, due to the extensive modifications made to fit them into the SF2 environment. End Users (tm) that attempt it, do so at their own risk. A Full 5 Merged install is reccomened at the LATEST patch level.*

This is the F-86 Sabre Pak for the Korean Air War mod. Probably as eagerly awaited as the terrain itself!!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, THIS is the "Star of the Show"!!!

In this pak you have 3 Sabre marks, with their various skins/decals sets:

334th FIS
335th FIS
336th FIS, 4th FIW

This set uses the 'SF2 date switch' to swap from the Black/White Invasion stripes (Early skins) to the Yellow ID band (Late Skins). They switch on March 1, 1951.

No. 2 Squadron, SAAF
16th FIS
25th FIS
39th FIS, 51st FIW
334th FIS
335th FIS
336th FIS, 4th FIW

16th FIS
25th FIS
39th FIS, 51st FIW
334th FIS
335th FIS
336th FIS, 4th FIW

...and a Surprise Bird, with 3 skins of it's own!!!!!

All aircraft have brand new skins, built from ravenclaw's beyond superb template. All skins are in jpg format, and Decal Randomization is set to TRUE. Almost all markings are decals, excepting special vert fin/rudder markings (the yellow stripe, and checkboard with squadron color for the 51st).  New DDS damage textures are included.

An all new, SF2-compliant FM was created for these aircraft; it flys like it should! (as seen on some other recently released Sabre mods) A new userlist ini is also included. The F-86A gets an SF2-version of my original 'box art' Hangar screen; the E & Fuses a more 'generic' style. No weapons are included; they are in the KAW weapons pak, and excepting for the drop tanks and HVARs, reference stock items (ie: the bombs). Many new sounds are included; be advised the included 50cal sound =WILL= overwrite any others you posess. Several new 'effects' are included as well.

For your extra added Flying Pleasure, a KAW =ONLY!!= modded InstantAction.ini resides in the included /Flight folder. REMINDER: use this =ONLY= in a stand alone KAW mods folder. It's based off the Korea V.3 map, and you'll need the MiG-15bis_NK, La-11 Fang, F-82G, F9F-2, and of course, these Sabres. This is an optional use file; I won't be insulted if you don't use it, or change the aircraft to what you want. Really; I promise!

As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too. There are "Operational Notations" and other impertinant data you should know.

Good Hunting!



As I always reccomend, unzip the "sf2_kaw_sabres_pak.zip" to a temp folder or your desktop or somewhere else that's easy to find

Then, simply, copy/paste the Objects folder supplied directly =OVER= your existing /Objects folder.
Copy/Paste the Effects folder into your KAW mods folder (or any place else you plan to use these aircraft)

optional: copy/paste the Flight folder into your KAW mods folder. You don't have to, if you don't want to.

You'll probably be asked "OVERWRITE?", just say Yes.

I've already seperated out the various folders (Aircraft, Decals, etc), so they'll drop right where they're supposed to be.

Other Notes and Nonsense:

Change List-

all new FMs
all new skins
all new decals
new engine sounds
gun ranging radar added to avionics ini
brand new cockpit for F-86F

There is a distinct possiblity this mod will NOT work in SF/Wo* without extensive reediting, thereby negating all the good work to bring this up to speed. sF2 users NOT at the most current patch level may also experience issues with the skin jpg format. Best cure: suck it up, and patch to the current level. Evolve or Perish.

The FM is very finely tuned ... it acts/reacts just the the real aircraft. Down low, it's racecar! Up high, while still good, will suffer all the traits the real birds did.
The FM was designed and BUILT with "HARD" mode in mind; both Fubar and I tested it in HARD and Normal (Pussy Mode was NOT tested -- if anyone flys on EASY, you need to turn in your wings). Normal works fine, but you lose a lot of the fine tunig that makes it one of the more realistice FMs ever built for this series.

The F-86A, although capable of (most) Ground Attack mission tasking, has had said tasking limited to it's primary function: Air Superiority. Meaning: CAP, Sweep and Intercept ONLY!!! In Korea, they were never used as Fighter Bombers -- E's were used as such by the South Africans, and the F was designed as a Fighter-Bomber. Use the A as the Good Folks at NAA intended -- Killing MiGs.

Even though the various folders are 'named variants', that was simply done for our convience. When in game you'll see "F-86A" or "F-86E" or "F-86F". Again, this was basically done to cut through the bullshit; nobody really gives a flying farting rat's ass as to the exact sub-variant (and there were at least 15 differing sub-types that I've stumbled across). An A is and A; and E is an E and an F is an F.

In truth, all new physical models ARE needed for ALL of them .. but the KAW 3D Team was 'overtaken by events' in Real Life, and they were never completed. Perhaps, at some later date, they will be finished and get released. Until such time you'll just have to live with the various and sundry little 'glitches and so forth'. Or build your own.

Also, I know there's people out there that like to make "personal adjustments" to their aircraft downloads. My advice to you:


We've worked too goddamn hard to get them where they are right now. Leave them as they ARE!!!

-Operational Notes for Use of the RF-86F Recon Sabre:

As one can probably guess, like all recon birds of the time (excepting the Mustang, of course), these are UNarmd. And they never flew alone, or in pairs of the 'same kind of aircraft', as generated by the game Single Mission Generator. They =ALWAYS= had an armed escort, usually a standard or garden variety gun-armed Sabres.

this is what you'll need to do, if/when flying this bird in a combat zone. On the Loadout Screen, use the drop down, and for you wing man/men, select either the F-86E or F-86F (depending on what year you're flying in).
Now, as per usual, the 'newly created' member of your flight will be unarmed; meaning he'll be minus his drop tanks. You simply use the weapons selector on the right side, and add them back. Also double check his ammo load is 100%.

This will give you someone to watch your back while you 'get the pictures'. Try NOT to have him engage E/A ... just have him cover your ass, and rejoin for the escape. Usually a very low level -and at VERY high speed- until clear of pursuit and enemy AAA units.

Zur (The Great and Powerful) for the original Sabres
Fubar512 for the FM work and various sound files
NDicki for the SAAF decals (reused from a 1stGen mod)
Tazkiller/Col Stafford for the A-Sabre 2 original skins, and TK for giving us the codeing for date-changing. Me, for the new skins/decals.
Pilot figures by Diego;
F-86F cockpit work by Brain32, from original source files by Freddy for IL2
RF-86F rework by Crab_02 and Zur; supplied by Dave
RF-86 JASDF 501K skin/decals by Pete "pappychksix" Fredrico
RF-86 USAF & ROKAF skin & decals by me (USAF skin remade from original)
RussoUK for saving my ass, and this mod, once again by creating the wing fences for the F
FastCargo for the 'fake pilot' and it's method of adding goodies...
Me, for all the reworking and assembling the package, skins, decals, screens, crashtesting, and sweeping up -- so much work....so many people...so much undone...
If I've left anyone out, or forgotten anyone, my sincere apologies!

there's such a thing? Who'da frakking thought!!!
too many to list -- you'd never get to flying if I wrote them all down

If you have any problems, questions, comments, I can be reached in the usual places; CombatAce, SimHQ, or via the email addy below.

Happy Hunting!
Kevin Stein


Legal BS:
This is freeware; it CAN be distrubuted if the original readmes and all other pieces of the package remain intact.
The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes.
This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions.
Bribes are accepted; ask for the day's going rates




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