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[SF2] [HD]F-16C Block50/52 Series V1.2

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F-16C Blk50/52 Series By the Viper Team.

Pack Includes:
F-16C Block 50/52
Greek and Turkish Blk 50/52's
Block 50/52+ mods.

Pit by ravenclaw. (Somebody stop him!)
Models by bpao, modified highly by Jat and ravenclaw. (You guys are one hell of a team)
Skins templates by Migbuster (Went back and made even higher res skins...because he could)
MFD panel glass by Stary (Did you know he does terrains and clouds too?)
Units skins by Jat and Dave
Skins: use of JanHas's F4 skins
Turkish skins by Pureblue
Greek pattern by EricJ
Pilots: Base from Florian mod by JAT
Loading Screens by ST0RM
Weapons by ravenclaw and GrinchWSLG (Masters of disaster)
Technical adviser, Sony Tuckson (If we got it wrong he cracked the whip!)
Avionics by Jat and Crusader (You cant get anything past Crusader, the best MK1 eyeball in SF)
Brain32, for FM, Avionics work. (He found that Mach 1 is FAST.)
Crash test Dummy, Dave (Thank god he doesn't have a usable brain)
CrazyhorseB34, ini work (and the other dummy)

To install:

Drop into your C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters XXXXX

This project started with a little mod here and there to make the Vipers more modern. FastCargo started the PM thread on 28 Jul 2011 and here we are 10 months later we have this.



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